Writings and Features

Writing has always been a big part of my life and has blossomed into a passion. My writing focuses on social commentary, my experiences in college, reflections on activism, and simply surviving in NYC. My writing has been published and featured on the Columbia Spectator, Malala Fund’s Assembly, Ms. Magazine, and I’ve been interviewed by the New York Times, Good Morning America, and historical podcasts to share my expert opinions.

Featured in Womanly Magazine

Bisexuality and Perpetual Virginity

Featured in Columbia Spectator

To sell out or to not sell out: No ethical jobs under capitalism

Featured in Eco-Justice Project

Making the Movement Irresistible

Interviewed by UN FPA

In Our Words: Voices of Women of African Descent for Reproductive and Climate Justice

Featured in Salty Magazine

The Dance Floor is All We Have Left

Featured in Sentient Media

The Growth of Factory Farming in Kenya: An Interview with Judy Muriithi

Featured in Sentient Media

Inside the Dramatic Rise of Factory Farming in Africa

Featured in Columbia Spectator

The Grave Yard of the Revolution

Featured in Columbia Spectator

Sell Out Season

Featured in Columbia Spectator

The revolution will not be in Columbia blue

Featured in Columbia Spectator

A major in painful imagination

Featured in Columbia Spectator

From the hood to Hamilton Hall

Featured in Malala Fund

Anti-Racism Guide for Girls

Featured in Malala Fund

Gambian girls leading the way in local COVID-19 response

Featured in Malala Fund’s Assembly

How young women are fighting racism Around the World

Interviewed in Good Morning America

COVID-19 quarantine sparks concern of eating disorder crisis

Interviewed by the New York Times

Silver Lining to Mask

Featured in Ms. Magazine

Pride Without Intersectional Racial Justice Is No Pride at All

Featured in Ms. Magazine and Columbia Spectator

Street harassment did not get the memo about COVID-19

Featured in Humanity in Action

Inclusion and Diversity Committee

Interviewed by the Untold Histories of the Atlantic

Slavery in Saint Croix

Featured on Columbia Spectator

Inheriting your body: coming to terms with changes

Featured in Columbia Spectator

Unpacking our campus through Kobe Bryant’s legacy

Featured in Sankofa Journal, Davidson College

Remembering Violence

Featured on Columbia Spectator

No Space for Hate

Featured on Columbia Spectator

The give and take of change-making