Web Ads What Works

If you are spending any amount of marketing budget on display advertising, you’ll want to know which banner sizes are the most effective to generate impressions, clicks and ultimately sales. This article ranks the top 10 banner formats based on ad impression share from highest to lowest on Google’s display networks. The data is based … Continue reading Web Ads What Works


Spot Colors

Spot colors refer to the the pure colors that are not created from screen or dot. Referring to 18 unaltered colors, this is the foundation for further combining for a wider variety of colors.

RGB and CMYK Color Modes

Color, the very fabric of the visual world around us. The human eye has the ability to see over 7 million different colors, and it is only fitting that the media that are used to communicate our ideas has a variety of color possibilities. The most widely used color mode are RGB and CMYK. Each having separate uses, qualities, and limitations.

So many File types, Where to start?

As most multimedia enthusiast and the average computer user will notice when saving a variety of types of media is the variety of file types. With the endless acronyms and abbreviation novice users may get lost in the extensive computer jargon. A short guide through the name and use of the most popular file types is a step in the right direction to properly use these resources.

Mac and PC: What’s the Difference?

Mac and PC two giants in the computer world, always in competition. Though PC's operation system more popular due to 40% cost reduction compared to Mac, and because they are sold by hundred of manufactures. In contrast, Mac being manufacture exclusively by Apple creates a very uniform design in products. Beyond their extensive product line, the most basic pat of their computers are their operating system. Great operating system work alike, but key difference exist.