Web Safe Colors

Browser Safe colors refers to he 216 solid, non- dithered and is the same no matter computer monitors that can use 8- bit colors.  The 216 consistently are displayed no matter the screen.



With the limited color representation of the earlier computers from the restrictions of video RAM. The 256 color possibilities that came fro mathematical formula in order to describe 8 bits of computer information. The basic 256 held the 216 hat became web safe, considering the web was not available for public use. The use of dithering was used by early computers that could only display 16 pure colors to create the appearance of more colors. An application creating shapes to make an illusion of more colors.

With the lower price of RAM can display twice as many bit colors in high resolution is a standard for most monitors. the computers that remain that can only display the 256 colors are the reason web safe colors remain relevant.



Web safe colors are represented in relations to RGB of many values. A 6 value formula address is used o identify each color. Companies such as Microsoft and Nescape have different pallet identifiers for their respect application.

To assure websites remain consistent with pallets it is greatly advised to use these we safe colors should be used with backgrounds. When using older computers to display work a solid background will not falter with the limited pallets.

Graphic with invisible backgrounds to assure no awkward blend with visible image and background. a fringe may appear around the word and is slightly irritating.



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