How much Graphic Designers make?

In the fabric of modern companies the need to create visible themes for strong brand recognition. This is done through elements such as colors, fonts, images and many more factors. This responsibility to create a strong brand usually falls onto a Graphic Designer. With this and more responsibilities questions arise on the income of graphic designers.


Income Range

According to finding of the Bureau of Labor Statistics there seems to be a large pool of possible incomes. The average wage of most designers nation wide in the United States is $24. 83 an hour. With most designers working the average 40 hours a week the annual average income is $51,640. Thought this is average doesn’t mean all designers make this amount. The lowest 10% can make under $30,000, while the highest 10% make $81,320. Considering the bell curve system of distribution of income it is safe to go with the average income as a bases for income.


Industry Wages

Another factor to take into consideration when determining possible income is employment possibilities. Since Graphic designing allows the flexibility to work in a variety of environments. Those who provide services to client also known as free lancing make an average of $51,000. Computer system design may make $60,000. Those working within Federal Executive Branch can expect an average of $78,000. Printing and related areas would make an average of $41,00.


State Income

Location, location. location, is crucial for any industry. Graphic designers find more opportunities in urban areas where there is an agglomeration of businesses. Many New England, far West (California, Oregon, and Washington) and key Southern states that are filled with business such as Florida and Georgia have a large amount of opportunities for Graphic Designers.

States with highest wages are in order as followed: District of Colombia with $66,000,  New York with $59,000 California with $57,000. All 3 areas filled with businesses that need the work of designers. California employing the most designers no doubt because of large population, and entertainment based business.


Job Perspective

With a 10% job growth outlook, around national average, but seems to be centralized in specific areas. Growth is expected to rise in Web design, video internment, and advertisement. However the same is not true for printing and layout simply because of the rise of outsourcing theses task to over seas companies.


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