How much Graphic Designers make?

In the fabric of modern companies the need to create visible themes for strong brand recognition. This is done through elements such as colors, fonts, images and many more factors. This responsibility to create a strong brand usually falls onto a Graphic Designer. With this and more responsibilities questions arise on the income of graphic designers.


Photoshop: Destructive and Non-Destructive

Photoshop among the most advance digital graphics and photo editor is known for its extensive tools and options. Among the large pool of abilities comes the destructive and non-destructive operations.

DPI in Photoshop

hotoshop among its hundreds of abilities, it can be difficult to navigate. One of the most basic elements when creating a project in this powerful Adobe software is understanding DPI. DPI an acronym for dots per inch is crucial for creating content. DPI relates to the sharpness displayed on a computer monitor and printed work. Monitors use pixels not dots, but referring to dots creates common ground when translating to printed content, this is necessary when content must be displayed through diverse medias. The dot pinch indicates the maximum amount of "dots" in an inch. Print When material is being printed the standard is 300 DPI give or take. DPI with in itself is specified for print, and the number of colored points in an inch of printed material greatly affect the sharpness. Printers use a specif algorithm in order to properly convert a digital image into printed material, it takes pixels and converts them into printed dots. Since DPI is a conversion factor it is necessary to be cognizant of this. If a mis-written DPI is inputted for printed material that is too low the results are blotchy and dull. The once sharp content is now a blurry mess. Especially when paying money for a large print job putting the web used 72 DPI will be a waste of money.