Career Paths of Multimedia Designing

With the ability to use multiple mediums of design to create a diverse range of content, multimedia designers find themselves in an interesting area in the job field. This allows them to have the option  of working in  their strongest area and integrating this into their jobs.

Web Designer

In this career path the goal is to create websites for a client that not only conveys needed information ,using branding, and keeping the customers view point into consideration. Beyond creation keeping the website updated with correct information is an ongoing service. Understanding of multimedia design and knowledge of some computer programming is necessary. Though no need to be extensive, the background in some coding will help edit any coding issues that may come up.


Multimedia Animator

An ability to work with programs to create graphics and animations are keystone skills in this occupation. Animators can work independently, or on a team to create a large project such as film, games, and special effects. Flexibility is necessary to be able to adapt to software of large companies. Depending on the designer computer based animations, or hand made pieces transferred to the computer can be used for a project. Being able to communicate and understand clients is also necessary.


Creative Director

Experience with diverse forms of media is a must have for creative directors in order translate the qualities of a brand among different mediums.  Leadership is also important, creative directors will be managing groups of various artist to create a brand that is able to be advertised in many forms. Understanding of business relations, management, and background in multimedia is a powerful combination for one who is pursuing such a career.


Film/Video Editor

Like putting together puzzle pieces of video together to create content that tells a story is the job of a film editor. Working closely with cinematographers, a director, and sound editors, they must go through hours of all the video to remove, add, and enhance what is necessary. An understanding of the software is key, and a fine eye for detail while sifting through video, all while being cognizant of the directors wants. Time management is needed to meet deadlines, while still producing good.



With diverse mediums to create, illustrators convey necessary messages with still images usually for advertising. Skills in either drawing, photography, or digital illustrations is key to be able to translate images to  be used in advertising. From books to TV illustrators create content to be displayed while meeting the needs of the client.


Once again, multimedia design can lead to a myriad of opportunity to display talent. Either in a specific areas, or great skill in many forms, designers can translate their talent in endless ways. In our world of communication designers will always be around to make the information look good.






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