Camera Settings: The Basics

When taking pictures with most DSLRs on manual to get a picture with optimal quality familiarity with ISO, Aperture and Shutter speed is necessary. All differing, these setting effect a picture’s exposure. Getting a picture that displays the subject is of course key, but so is the exposure to get a good quality image of the subject.


So many File types, Where to start?

As most multimedia enthusiast and the average computer user will notice when saving a variety of types of media is the variety of file types. With the endless acronyms and abbreviation novice users may get lost in the extensive computer jargon. A short guide through the name and use of the most popular file types is a step in the right direction to properly use these resources.

The Right to Copy

As in most countries the rule of law places a foundation for order. Even in the whimsical world of creativity the structure of law still finds its place. In the case of creative and intellectual content, Copyright laws serve as a protective shield that defends the rights of the author.

Career Paths of Multimedia Designing

With the ability to use multiple mediums of design to create a diverse range of content, multimedia designers find themselves in an interesting area in the job field. This allows them to have the option of working in their strongest area and integrating this into their jobs.

Beyond the Camera: Grips, Holds, and Tripod

From the dawn of photography important elements that of the art quickly followed. The ancient tripod quickly evolved complimenting the first cameras. As the hand held capability came along so did proper ways to hold it along with added grip accessorizes to prevent any tragic accidents.