Digital Cameras: Beyond Snapping Pictures

Photography, a unique art with its essential paint brush: the Digital Cameras. Like any art form the camera is not a one size fit all deal, but comes in a multitude of forms depending on the needs of a photographer. Beyond the everyday smartphone cameras, the world of digital cameras can be daunting for a novelty user, being informed is the first step.


Digital Compact

The digital cameras known for heir simplistic functions and smaller size are also referred to as “point and shoot”. With mostly automatic settings elements such a aperture and shutter speed can not be manually altered. With an optical zoom of usually x3, and an average 12 megapixles.  Their lenses are non-removable.   Because of their lack of complicated parts these camera usually do not cost too much. For new photographers who my want to avoid all the extra elements of properly formation a camera at a lower price, this my be a good option.


Digital Single Lens Reflex Camera

The much more bulky DSLR cameras pack a bigger professional punch than most compact cameras. For beginners the automatic setting is a way to start off when there is a limited amount of knowledge as to how the camera work. With a DSLR the manual setting is used for more experienced photographers. The freedom of manual gives the photographer much more freedom to produce their (not the camera’s) best work. Inter changeable lens for specific situations and better image sensor size allows a better picture quality.


Super Zoom Camera:

Super Zooms widely known as advanced compacts act as a bridge between the basic qualities of a normal compact and the more complex DSLR. With it better zoom quality, and video stabilization quality they we a strong upgrade from the compacts. Giving  more control on exposure settings but not as much freedom as the DSLR. The fix lens, and smaller image sensor all fall short of the DSLR’s glory. However, with everyday compact cameras becoming more advance the super zoom has been fading.


Compact (Mirror less) Interchangeable Lens

Giving many qualities of DSLR where there are modes of manual and automatic, these “hybrids” bring a unique twist to photography. Their small size comes from the lack of the DSLR’s mirror box, instead an electronic view finder is offered. Depending on brand image sensor size varies. Companies are growing the lens options, but still produce a light weight camera. For those familiar with DSLR and want the quality but need a light camera this may be the way to go.








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