Multimedia Presentation

In our age the means of communication has surely evolved, and the way we present information has also grown with new technology. Multimedia presentations, use of multiple mediums of communication to present a topic to an audience, have become ever so popular, with unique and appealing elements. The key to a multimedia is one or more elements of video, photos, animation, audio and much more. All these elements are important and when well done create a beautiful presentation that will catch the eye of any audience.



In order to add the multimedia aspects, the presentation component must be solid.  If the presentation is poorly put together in the first place, the media aspects will only have a weak foundation to build upon. Creating a good presentation entails a strong core message to keep the audience’s interest. Practicing presenting skills such as strong eye contact, being knowledgeable about topic, and brushing up on delivery are all important.

After developing the bases for enhancing with multimedia then choosing which media to present is necessary. With many forms and software’s available, picking from the wide variety isn’t always the easiest with:web pages, hypermedia, slide presentations, video(including additional media) , and virtual reality. Which ever is used, the key elements are still applicable: video, photos, text, audio and animations. Using a few always enhances any presentation format chosen. The key question is how to use them.



The use of  video element can entice an audience, when used correctly. Finding video that relates to the presentation and is well done is key. A well made video is always interesting and elevates the quality of the presentation. With many available sources depending on the form, either embedding or linking the video is usually the way to  go. Assuring he video is appropriator for the setting, being cognizant of the maturity of the audience should influence what you choose. Reviewing the presentation a few times to assure that the video will play, if where you are presenting has limited internet, downloading the video then adding it is a necessary to assure it will play.



Visual will always add to a presentation. A related photo that expands on the topic can further explain a maybe difficult topic. Adding a picture of the solar system will help the audience better understand as it is being explained. Choosing a good picture quality is also important. If the presentation will be displayed on a large screen, picking a higher resolution picture will assure the unappealing pixles will be avoided.



Audio tends to refer to a few types of aspects that can be used. Adding background music to a slide show presentation can be helpful in setting a mood(if there is a speaking component assure that the music is not too loud) . Sound effects (depending on audience) can also be exciting when not overdone. The use of a voice-over is also a great possibility, depending on what the form and audience allows. If there is a demand for the presenter themselves to be active in speaking while the presentation,. it maybe less effective. If the presentation is digital and the presenter is not required to speak, a voice over is quite useful.



Animations can be a useful detail with in a multimedia presentation. Assuring that it is appropriate and not over done is also imperative. Animating aspect like the title, pictures, and text adds a nice flair, only if it is not cumbersome. Using a type writer animation for a body paragraph that takes a while to finish can be unprofessional. Once again the animations are a simple element of the presentation, but should not become a distraction from the information itself.


With so many ways to add flavor into any presentation the possibilities are endless. Reviewing the presentation is always a good idea to clean up any mistakes. Having a friend look over it to pick up any inconsistencies that maybe overlooked is also a wise choice. Preparation is needed in any presentation because at the end of the day multimedia can only enhance the information that is already there.







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