Storage Devices: Which One should I Use?

A computer’s basic goal is to process data, but this data must be accessed through a storage device. The storage devices that are most widely used but each distinct are internal, external, and cloud.


Internal Storage

This particular device is the primary storage for data on the computer, the OS itself is stored here, usually in the form of a hard disk. The computer accesses data quicker when it is located in the internal storage simply because it is linked to the data bus of the motherboard. Applications, and most DLL files are also located in the internal storage. Even when the computer is turned off the internal storage remains constant. However, if the computer is damaged the loss of data on the internal storage device is devastating. Being a necessary component of the computer to operate, the internal storage is an important storage device.


External Storage

A physical device that is independent from he computer that allows further storage of information, is usually referred to as an external storage device. This may include: external hard drives, floppy disks, CD’s and much more. External storage devices are a great way to expand data storage capability beyond the internal hard drive (opening the computer to add a few gigabits can be time consuming and risky). Backing up important documents, and transferring data from computer to computer all can be done with an external storage device. Though not as fast as the internal hard drive, it gets things done(eventually).

Cloud Storage

The new kid on the block, cloud storage, provides a unique digital form of data storing. Once used for disaster recovery , cloud storage is now widely used through out the market. Because of easy accessibility (you can use data on multiple devices) and strong security it has become a favorite of many users. Though, cloud storage can not actually replace storage devices like internal storage(internal storage contains the operating system therefore necessary to be accessible in physical form inside the computer), but it has become a notable complement to them. Since it is virtual, it is much easier to share and edit data together as a unit for possible team projects. With a lower cost (maintaining physical storage can be costly) and cheaper per gigabits provided by many corporations for different uses, only adds to the popularity. With a clear set back of this great storage is the possibility of the lack of or weak internet connection will inhibit accessibility.

The diverse field of storage possibilities are all available to all computer users. Depending on situation one may be more profitable for use.







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