Mac and PC: What’s the Difference?

Mac and PC two giants in the computer world, always in competition. Though PC’s operation system more popular due to 40% cost reduction compared to Mac,  and because they are sold by hundred of manufactures. In contrast, Mac being manufacture exclusively by Apple creates a very uniform design in products. Beyond their extensive product line, the most basic pat of their computers are their operating system. Great operating system work alike, but key difference exist.



Mac short or Macintosh may cost a pretty penny, but it pays of with the products they use. Using more expensive materials,  and the fact that the create their software and hardware enables hem to create a more harmonized interaction between the two.

Since Macs are not as popular in market share as Microsoft this gives it a slight edge since less viruses are specialized in hacking their systems.This has given Mac the opportunity to build up security giving users a better sense of security.

Many Mac uses coming from creative based careers, tend to prefer its graphic based processing capabilities. With photo and movie programs provided these applications that run notably smoothly. Macs are now using Intel chips foreshadowing a move in making the two computer giants in becoming more compatible.



PC short for Personal Computer usually refers to Microsoft Windows base computers. Since PC’s can be manufactured by hundreds of different companies this create a wide range of quality for PCs. Cheap manufacturing of the hardware depending on the company background may give a very different experience then a higher quality manufactured hardware. The interaction  between software and hardware is greatly varied in PCs, even if the operating systems are identical.

Microsoft has far more software titles, especially with gaming software. Microsoft with an over 90% market share hackers have many opportunities to create malicious software such as malware, viruses, and spyware.

Microsoft popularity in the gaming platform comes from its faster rendering of 3D imaging. With automatic defragmentation, this is less tedious than older versions requiring manual defragmentation. With the newer Windows 8 and up there is an automatic backing up of very important files.


As illustrated Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac greatly differ as operating systems, and both have their vices and virtues, with strong supporters and naysayers. The age old question as to which one is better is very subjective and depends on what product, features, and the wants of users. It seems as the technology world advances so will this rivalry.





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