5 Rememdies for your Troubled Computer

As great technology can be, it is far from perfect. These everyday shortcomings can be frustrating for users, but where there is a problem a solution surely follows. Though computers can have countless amounts of issues, the most common all have an answer to get your computer back on track.


Stop Error Screen

Common among PCs the blue screens appearing when trying to start up can signal issues in both software or hardware. This screen can also come up when rebooting, luckily the screen itself gives answers. Following directions such as “Start Windows Normally” is always a good way to go. If the blue screen persists as you continue to start your computer, taking some time to follow the diagnostics as to exactly what is causing the error, and following a few steps as to how to sort everything out. If needed a System Restore(restoring system to an earlier place before the problems began) may be needed, Windows walks you through the process of what to do.


Slow Software

Especially when you are on the go, slow applications are extremely irritating. This may be caused by an almost full hard drive. An abundance of applications, and files can surely eat up your hard drive space. A full hard drive will give your computer a sluggish effect. To fix this deleting any unnecessary applications, or files can help. Windows Disk Clean up which comes with the computer also helps when freeing up space to get your computer working at optimal speed.


Odd Applications

Noticing applications acting up, such as shutting down randomly, browsers refusing to open, very slow software, ads in the corner of the screen may signify types of malware, and viruses. It may be an off day and a simple restart maybe able to fix, if there seems to be  a persistence, though a bit time consuming, reinstalling Windows may be the way to go. Saving all your files is important especially with important data. You will be essentially wiping the plate clean, so be cognizant and assure all your important files are saved onto an external drive. Restart Windows will clean everything up while reinstalling whatever Window version you may have. Also avoiding future issues by installing reputable firewalls and antivirus software.


DLL Error

When a DLL file is lost it means the operating system does not know how to react to a specific situation. This can be difficult because without the file the operation simply can not be done. An easy solution is to re download the file through the companies recommended websites.

Frozen Computers

An unresponsive computer maybe caused by many issues. This is when no matter what you click nothing seems to be changing. A simple restart can be done to try to see if the computer will get back to normal with the Control+Alt+Delete. If that doesn’t seem to do much pressing the power button till it shuts down and reopen with power button.

Though computer issue list are endless, if even when looking for answers on question boards, look into talking to computer experts and consulting computer manual.




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