Digital Cameras: Beyond Snapping Pictures

Photography, a unique art with its essential paint brush: the Digital Cameras. Like any art form the camera is not a one size fit all deal, but comes in a multitude of forms depending on the needs of a photographer. Beyond the everyday smartphone cameras, the world of digital cameras can be daunting for a novelty user, being informed is the first step.


Multimedia Presentation

In our age the means of communication has surely evolved, and the way we present information has also grown with new technology. Multimedia presentations, use of multiple mediums of communication to present a topic to an audience, have become ever so popular, with unique and appealing elements. The key to a multimedia is one or more elements of video, photos, animation, audio and much more. All these elements are important and when well done create a beautiful presentation that will catch the eye of any audience.

Mac and PC: What’s the Difference?

Mac and PC two giants in the computer world, always in competition. Though PC's operation system more popular due to 40% cost reduction compared to Mac, and because they are sold by hundred of manufactures. In contrast, Mac being manufacture exclusively by Apple creates a very uniform design in products. Beyond their extensive product line, the most basic pat of their computers are their operating system. Great operating system work alike, but key difference exist.

Adobe Design Software

Adobe System is famous for their creative software, which is an indispensable part of any Graphic Designers work. With so many products it is always confusing for novice users to know where to start. Before diving into the software, there must be an idea of what type of media the product will be displayed in.