Digital Cameras: Beyond Snapping Pictures

Photography, a unique art with its essential paint brush: the Digital Cameras. Like any art form the camera is not a one size fit all deal, but comes in a multitude of forms depending on the needs of a photographer. Beyond the everyday smartphone cameras, the world of digital cameras can be daunting for a novelty user, being informed is the first step.


Digital Compact

The digital cameras known for heir simplistic functions and smaller size are also referred to as “point and shoot”. With mostly automatic settings elements such a aperture and shutter speed can not be manually altered. With an optical zoom of usually x3, and an average 12 megapixles.  Their lenses are non-removable.   Because of their lack of complicated parts these camera usually do not cost too much. For new photographers who my want to avoid all the extra elements of properly formation a camera at a lower price, this my be a good option.


Digital Single Lens Reflex Camera

The much more bulky DSLR cameras pack a bigger professional punch than most compact cameras. For beginners the automatic setting is a way to start off when there is a limited amount of knowledge as to how the camera work. With a DSLR the manual setting is used for more experienced photographers. The freedom of manual gives the photographer much more freedom to produce their (not the camera’s) best work. Inter changeable lens for specific situations and better image sensor size allows a better picture quality.


Super Zoom Camera:

Super Zooms widely known as advanced compacts act as a bridge between the basic qualities of a normal compact and the more complex DSLR. With it better zoom quality, and video stabilization quality they we a strong upgrade from the compacts. Giving  more control on exposure settings but not as much freedom as the DSLR. The fix lens, and smaller image sensor all fall short of the DSLR’s glory. However, with everyday compact cameras becoming more advance the super zoom has been fading.


Compact (Mirror less) Interchangeable Lens

Giving many qualities of DSLR where there are modes of manual and automatic, these “hybrids” bring a unique twist to photography. Their small size comes from the lack of the DSLR’s mirror box, instead an electronic view finder is offered. Depending on brand image sensor size varies. Companies are growing the lens options, but still produce a light weight camera. For those familiar with DSLR and want the quality but need a light camera this may be the way to go.








Multimedia Presentation

In our age the means of communication has surely evolved, and the way we present information has also grown with new technology. Multimedia presentations, use of multiple mediums of communication to present a topic to an audience, have become ever so popular, with unique and appealing elements. The key to a multimedia is one or more elements of video, photos, animation, audio and much more. All these elements are important and when well done create a beautiful presentation that will catch the eye of any audience.



In order to add the multimedia aspects, the presentation component must be solid.  If the presentation is poorly put together in the first place, the media aspects will only have a weak foundation to build upon. Creating a good presentation entails a strong core message to keep the audience’s interest. Practicing presenting skills such as strong eye contact, being knowledgeable about topic, and brushing up on delivery are all important.

After developing the bases for enhancing with multimedia then choosing which media to present is necessary. With many forms and software’s available, picking from the wide variety isn’t always the easiest with:web pages, hypermedia, slide presentations, video(including additional media) , and virtual reality. Which ever is used, the key elements are still applicable: video, photos, text, audio and animations. Using a few always enhances any presentation format chosen. The key question is how to use them.



The use of  video element can entice an audience, when used correctly. Finding video that relates to the presentation and is well done is key. A well made video is always interesting and elevates the quality of the presentation. With many available sources depending on the form, either embedding or linking the video is usually the way to  go. Assuring he video is appropriator for the setting, being cognizant of the maturity of the audience should influence what you choose. Reviewing the presentation a few times to assure that the video will play, if where you are presenting has limited internet, downloading the video then adding it is a necessary to assure it will play.



Visual will always add to a presentation. A related photo that expands on the topic can further explain a maybe difficult topic. Adding a picture of the solar system will help the audience better understand as it is being explained. Choosing a good picture quality is also important. If the presentation will be displayed on a large screen, picking a higher resolution picture will assure the unappealing pixles will be avoided.



Audio tends to refer to a few types of aspects that can be used. Adding background music to a slide show presentation can be helpful in setting a mood(if there is a speaking component assure that the music is not too loud) . Sound effects (depending on audience) can also be exciting when not overdone. The use of a voice-over is also a great possibility, depending on what the form and audience allows. If there is a demand for the presenter themselves to be active in speaking while the presentation,. it maybe less effective. If the presentation is digital and the presenter is not required to speak, a voice over is quite useful.



Animations can be a useful detail with in a multimedia presentation. Assuring that it is appropriate and not over done is also imperative. Animating aspect like the title, pictures, and text adds a nice flair, only if it is not cumbersome. Using a type writer animation for a body paragraph that takes a while to finish can be unprofessional. Once again the animations are a simple element of the presentation, but should not become a distraction from the information itself.


With so many ways to add flavor into any presentation the possibilities are endless. Reviewing the presentation is always a good idea to clean up any mistakes. Having a friend look over it to pick up any inconsistencies that maybe overlooked is also a wise choice. Preparation is needed in any presentation because at the end of the day multimedia can only enhance the information that is already there.






Storage Devices: Which One should I Use?

A computer’s basic goal is to process data, but this data must be accessed through a storage device. The storage devices that are most widely used but each distinct are internal, external, and cloud.


Internal Storage

This particular device is the primary storage for data on the computer, the OS itself is stored here, usually in the form of a hard disk. The computer accesses data quicker when it is located in the internal storage simply because it is linked to the data bus of the motherboard. Applications, and most DLL files are also located in the internal storage. Even when the computer is turned off the internal storage remains constant. However, if the computer is damaged the loss of data on the internal storage device is devastating. Being a necessary component of the computer to operate, the internal storage is an important storage device.


External Storage

A physical device that is independent from he computer that allows further storage of information, is usually referred to as an external storage device. This may include: external hard drives, floppy disks, CD’s and much more. External storage devices are a great way to expand data storage capability beyond the internal hard drive (opening the computer to add a few gigabits can be time consuming and risky). Backing up important documents, and transferring data from computer to computer all can be done with an external storage device. Though not as fast as the internal hard drive, it gets things done(eventually).

Cloud Storage

The new kid on the block, cloud storage, provides a unique digital form of data storing. Once used for disaster recovery , cloud storage is now widely used through out the market. Because of easy accessibility (you can use data on multiple devices) and strong security it has become a favorite of many users. Though, cloud storage can not actually replace storage devices like internal storage(internal storage contains the operating system therefore necessary to be accessible in physical form inside the computer), but it has become a notable complement to them. Since it is virtual, it is much easier to share and edit data together as a unit for possible team projects. With a lower cost (maintaining physical storage can be costly) and cheaper per gigabits provided by many corporations for different uses, only adds to the popularity. With a clear set back of this great storage is the possibility of the lack of or weak internet connection will inhibit accessibility.

The diverse field of storage possibilities are all available to all computer users. Depending on situation one may be more profitable for use.






Mac and PC: What’s the Difference?

Mac and PC two giants in the computer world, always in competition. Though PC’s operation system more popular due to 40% cost reduction compared to Mac,  and because they are sold by hundred of manufactures. In contrast, Mac being manufacture exclusively by Apple creates a very uniform design in products. Beyond their extensive product line, the most basic pat of their computers are their operating system. Great operating system work alike, but key difference exist.



Mac short or Macintosh may cost a pretty penny, but it pays of with the products they use. Using more expensive materials,  and the fact that the create their software and hardware enables hem to create a more harmonized interaction between the two.

Since Macs are not as popular in market share as Microsoft this gives it a slight edge since less viruses are specialized in hacking their systems.This has given Mac the opportunity to build up security giving users a better sense of security.

Many Mac uses coming from creative based careers, tend to prefer its graphic based processing capabilities. With photo and movie programs provided these applications that run notably smoothly. Macs are now using Intel chips foreshadowing a move in making the two computer giants in becoming more compatible.



PC short for Personal Computer usually refers to Microsoft Windows base computers. Since PC’s can be manufactured by hundreds of different companies this create a wide range of quality for PCs. Cheap manufacturing of the hardware depending on the company background may give a very different experience then a higher quality manufactured hardware. The interaction  between software and hardware is greatly varied in PCs, even if the operating systems are identical.

Microsoft has far more software titles, especially with gaming software. Microsoft with an over 90% market share hackers have many opportunities to create malicious software such as malware, viruses, and spyware.

Microsoft popularity in the gaming platform comes from its faster rendering of 3D imaging. With automatic defragmentation, this is less tedious than older versions requiring manual defragmentation. With the newer Windows 8 and up there is an automatic backing up of very important files.


As illustrated Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac greatly differ as operating systems, and both have their vices and virtues, with strong supporters and naysayers. The age old question as to which one is better is very subjective and depends on what product, features, and the wants of users. It seems as the technology world advances so will this rivalry.




5 Rememdies for your Troubled Computer

As great technology can be, it is far from perfect. These everyday shortcomings can be frustrating for users, but where there is a problem a solution surely follows. Though computers can have countless amounts of issues, the most common all have an answer to get your computer back on track.


Stop Error Screen

Common among PCs the blue screens appearing when trying to start up can signal issues in both software or hardware. This screen can also come up when rebooting, luckily the screen itself gives answers. Following directions such as “Start Windows Normally” is always a good way to go. If the blue screen persists as you continue to start your computer, taking some time to follow the diagnostics as to exactly what is causing the error, and following a few steps as to how to sort everything out. If needed a System Restore(restoring system to an earlier place before the problems began) may be needed, Windows walks you through the process of what to do.


Slow Software

Especially when you are on the go, slow applications are extremely irritating. This may be caused by an almost full hard drive. An abundance of applications, and files can surely eat up your hard drive space. A full hard drive will give your computer a sluggish effect. To fix this deleting any unnecessary applications, or files can help. Windows Disk Clean up which comes with the computer also helps when freeing up space to get your computer working at optimal speed.


Odd Applications

Noticing applications acting up, such as shutting down randomly, browsers refusing to open, very slow software, ads in the corner of the screen may signify types of malware, and viruses. It may be an off day and a simple restart maybe able to fix, if there seems to be  a persistence, though a bit time consuming, reinstalling Windows may be the way to go. Saving all your files is important especially with important data. You will be essentially wiping the plate clean, so be cognizant and assure all your important files are saved onto an external drive. Restart Windows will clean everything up while reinstalling whatever Window version you may have. Also avoiding future issues by installing reputable firewalls and antivirus software.


DLL Error

When a DLL file is lost it means the operating system does not know how to react to a specific situation. This can be difficult because without the file the operation simply can not be done. An easy solution is to re download the file through the companies recommended websites.

Frozen Computers

An unresponsive computer maybe caused by many issues. This is when no matter what you click nothing seems to be changing. A simple restart can be done to try to see if the computer will get back to normal with the Control+Alt+Delete. If that doesn’t seem to do much pressing the power button till it shuts down and reopen with power button.

Though computer issue list are endless, if even when looking for answers on question boards, look into talking to computer experts and consulting computer manual.



Adobe Design Software

The Adobe Systems are famous for their creative software, which is an indispensable part of any Graphic Designers work. With so many products it is always confusing for novice users to know where to start. Before diving into the software, there must be an idea of what type of media the product will be displayed in.



From ebooks, to brochures, to banners and business cards these diverse paper based and digital creations are best produced in Adobe InDesign. An important part of InDesign is its ability to create captivating layouts. Layouts are the building blocks for all print material; for example, newspapers dont magically create columns,strong typography, headings, and graphics to showcase, it is through a layout that the text can be sensibly and attractively organized. Indesign also makes it easy to not only prints documents, but also create beautiful interactive documents.



To create websites and applications look no further than Adobe Dream Weaver and Muse. Dream Weaver can create websites and app for a diverse amount of devices. A big difference between Dream Weaver and Muse is Dream Weaver’s IDE  allows developers to create complex codes. The coding possibility can help create mobile applications. Adobe Muse can also create responsive websites, but not mobile apps, this is because there is no coding possibility. This is helpful for designers who don’t want to wonder into the world of coding, this can be avoided by using Muse.



The famous Adobe Photoshop a graphic editing program is naturally a great software to use when editing pictures.  This powerful image editor can do a range of things like cropping, to creating wondrous graphics. Due to so many capabilities it is easy to become overwhelmed by its many elements, but help from Adobe tutorials are a strong guide. Adobe Light Room is also a great application for photos. Its gives you the power to store, edit, and share your pictures in an efficient manner. Though Light Room is geared towards photo management and tho a few definitely not as many editing abilities that Photoshop has.



When creating animation (from its name sake) Adobe Animate is the way to go.Though Photoshop has animation capabilities, Animate itself was created simply for that purpose therefore offers much more in this realm. Animate can be used to create cartoons to advertisements to web games and everything in between. This powerful application  even has coding capabilities, and when you are satisfied with your creation you can also publish it to a variety of platforms. Notably in Adobe After Effects Adobe Character Animator is also included, though only dealing with characters, therefore having fewer capabilities than Animate as a whole, it can be a simpler alternative.



With video Adobe has created the powerful Premier Pro which can create amazing content for novice and experience users. It has the ability to process video from a variety of sources from high-end cameras and the everyday smart phone. Its resolution independence allows video of all quality to be seamlessly integrate. Another notable application is Adobe After Effects is also used in video, but targets motion and visual effects. Bringing a rich background to post production, it gives all video content a higher level of creativity and quality. With its integration with Premier Pro these applications work hand in hand.

Even though only the most popular software among designers were mentioned, checking out and viewing all their products along with overview videos can give greater insight on their diverse applications, if you are intersted in purchasing.